Synthetic-rubber latex for cementitious mixes. Applications: Admixture to improve mechanical and adhesive strength of cementitious mixes for screeds, renders, small-thickness renders, etc. Additive for cement based adhesive slurries for anchoring bonded screeds, filling holes or repairing damaged sections of screeds, cementitious floors, etc. Additive for spatterdash to provide anchoring for renders. Do not use pure Planicrete as a primer or slurry, always mix it with Portland cement, or when required, with Mapecem, Mapecem Pronto, Topcem or Topcem Pronto. Technical data: Storage: 24 months. Protect from frost. Consumption depends on dilution and thickness of mortar. Packaging 25 - 10 - 5 kg drums and 12x1 kg packs.

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