Two-component corrosion-inhibiting cementitious mortar for the protection of reinforcing rods. Mapefer is a mortar made up of polymers in water dispersion, cement binders and corrosion inhibitors to apply on reinforcing rods when repairing concrete. Mapefer is supplied as two pre-measured components which must be mixed without adding water or other ingredients. Mapefer is applied by brush to the rods which must be free of rust, oil, grease and loose particles. The rods must be cleaned beforehand by vigorous scrubbing or sand-blasting. After Mapefer has dried (minimum 6 hours), a repair mortar can be applied (Mapegrout range). Mapefer meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-7. Consumption 120 g/m (2 mm of product applied on a 8 mm diameter rod). Packaging 2 kg (A B).

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